Is this Paradise? Well it’s Chico’s Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A must hit every time I travel to Puerto Vallarta. With a beautiful restaurant and bar overlooking monstrous boulders, this is idyllic in its’ beauty. A┬ábrave soul catapults himself off the top of a large rock landing in a small pool between dangerous boulders at the base of the falls in a diving show periodically throughout the day. Dinner, wine, a view and entertainment, what more can one ask for. Traveling and seeing the world is a passion of mine. In the last 12 months, I have been to Italy twice, France, Florida, Mexico, California, Spain and many other little trips in between. Finding the special local flavor is also part of the experience. Come travel with me and see what our world has to offer. Check back often for upcoming trips, pictures from past trips and tips about.
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